Speakers for London Labour Party Meetings

In advance of the Mayoral Election next year, the London Labour Housing Group has put together a panel of speakers available to visit CLP and Labour Party meetings to speak on housing in London and the ways to campaign on the issue.
Housing will be a major part of the Mayoral Election, with the desperate need for more affordable and social housing becoming ever more acute, deteriorating conditions in a stretched rented sector and house prices that bar all but the very wealthiest from owning their own home.
The mayoralty is gaining more power and more direct access to investment at the same time as we have an incumbent notoriously unwilling to use the levers of his office and organisation to deliver real change for London.
The last general election showed that campaigning on housing can have a decisive effect on keeping London Labour. In Westminster North, Hammersmith and Eltham (to name but three) marginal Labour seats were held on the basis of vigorous campaigning on housing issues.
If your members want to understand the issues better, convince more people on the doorstep and learn some of the most effective ways of winning people over and getting out the vote, then email us on
In this Mayoral Election every vote counts – and votes for us even in the most Tory of areas can contribute to a Labour win.
Just to let you know:

  • We’ll do our best to attend every request, but can’t promise we can provide someone every time.
  • All speakers on the panel are available in a personal capacity and do not represent Ken Livingstone’s campaign or the London Labour Housing Group.