Write with us!

All of our writers are volunteers, and range in experience from first-time writers to experienced experts in the housing space.

Any news articles (factual and descriptive pieces detailing current events in housing) should be between 500 and 750 words.

Any opinion pieces should be between 600 and 900 words.

 Any interview pieces should be between 600 and 1,000 words.

For pitches please email: [email protected]

We are open to all pitches, but are particularly looking for pitches on the following topics:

  • Labour in power: What can the successes and challenges of Labour administrations in devolved institutions and local government tell us about what a Labour government might and should do?
  • Housing+: What other policy areas are closely related to housing? How might your specialist policy area positively impact the housing crisis, and how might solving the housing crisis positively impact your policy area?
  • Housing stories: How is the housing crisis impacting you personally? How would Labour’s current policy offer personally help you? What more could a Labour government do to alleviate the impacts of the housing crisis on you?
Election 2024: 8 Prospective MPs who will tackle the housing crisis
As the general election approaches, a new generation of MPs appears on the horizon to take the mantle of solving the country’s greatest crises. Every new and returning Labour …
A bold housing strategy means tackling more than building
Addressing the UK’s housing crisis means facing its drivers head-on – the decimation of council housing stock, a deregulated private rented sector, and financial and fiscal policies that have …
“But what will Labour do differently?”
As the general election nears, Red Brick Editor Alex Toal outlines the dividing lines between Labour and Conservatives in housing policy, and how to answer that most important question …
The promise of New Towns
Kane Emerson Head of Housing Research at the YIMBY Alliance, gives and overview of Angela Rayner's New Towns announcement at UKREiiF and the promise and challenges of New Towns.
Can a Labour government build more homes without exacerbating climate breakdown?
Former Labour MEP Paul Brannen makes the case that the increase of the use of timber in construction is an urgent pressure, in order to meet Labour's housing targets …
Delivering 1.5m homes:  Why we need a diverse and competitive housebuilding industry
Dr Tom Archer, Senior Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, makes the case for policy change to encourage competition in housebuilding, and …
What’s holding back estate regeneration? Personal reflections and hopes for joined-up policy
Ben Ridley-Johnson works in policy and projects towards the goal of ending street homelessness sustainably. His experience includes Research and Policy Officer at Colne Housing Society and Operations Manager …
How we talk about homes matters
Knowing how to communicate effectively and having the right framing strategies at our fingertips can help us win support for new affordable and decent homes. In this article, Natalie …