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Election 2024: 8 Prospective MPs who will tackle the housing crisis
As the general election approaches, a new generation of MPs appears on the horizon to take the mantle of solving the country’s greatest crises. Every new and returning Labour MP will bring a wealth of experience and specialisms to help in their area of interest, along with to represent their constituents more broadly. But we at Red Brick, …
A bold housing strategy means tackling more than building
Addressing the UK’s housing crisis means facing its drivers head-on – the decimation of council housing stock, a deregulated private rented sector, and financial and fiscal policies that have for decades incentivised the use of homes as financial assets.
“But what will Labour do differently?”
As the general election nears, Red Brick Editor Alex Toal outlines the dividing lines between Labour and Conservatives in housing policy, and how to answer that most important question from voters.
The promise of New Towns
Kane Emerson Head of Housing Research at the YIMBY Alliance, gives and overview of Angela Rayner's New Towns announcement at UKREiiF and the promise and challenges of New Towns.
Can a Labour government build more homes without exacerbating climate breakdown?
Former Labour MEP Paul Brannen makes the case that the increase of the use of timber in construction is an urgent pressure, in order to meet Labour's housing targets without exacerbating climate breakdown
Delivering 1.5m homes:  Why we need a diverse and competitive housebuilding industry
Dr Tom Archer, Senior Research Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University's Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, makes the case for policy change to encourage competition in housebuilding, and diverting developer dividends to fund affordable housebuilding.
What’s holding back estate regeneration? Personal reflections and hopes for joined-up policy
Ben Ridley-Johnson works in policy and projects towards the goal of ending street homelessness sustainably. His experience includes Research and Policy Officer at Colne Housing Society and Operations Manager for London & South East at Sanctuary Housing. In this piece he reflects on how the difficulties in estate regeneration have caused him to lose hope in the housing …
How we talk about homes matters
Knowing how to communicate effectively and having the right framing strategies at our fingertips can help us win support for new affordable and decent homes. In this article, Natalie Tate, Project Lead for Talking about Housing at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, presents the toolkit recommendations developed by FrameWorks UK with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Nationwide Foundation.
Labour’s London Assembly achievements and what winning a majority could mean
Sem Moema, London AM and Mayoral Advisor for Private Rented Sector and Affordability, looks back to Labour's achievements on the London Assembly and ahead to what a Labour majority could deliver.
From promises to delivery – making Labour’s housing goals a reality
At Labour Housing Group's 2024 AGM, Toby Lloyd, formerly Head of Policy at Shelter, and advisor to the May government on housing issues, spoke on how a future Labour Government might achieve its housing goals.
A Tenants’ Manifesto
For too long tenants’ voices have not been heard with devastating consequences, if Labour can win the next election, the chance may come to change this.
If Life is a Ladder, We are Letting 136,000 Young People Per Year Fall
Imagine the transition from childhood to adulthood as a ladder. At each point you reach out there are rungs of opportunity – housing, education, hobbies, employment, training, qualifications. Imagine there are people at the top and bottom of the ladder – parents, family, teachers, friends, tutors, mentors, youth workers – helping you navigate the rungs, keeping you on …
Tackling Temporary Accommodation: Labour Housing Group’s Recommendations
When we talk about homelessness, our thoughts often turn to people in doorways and tents, living on the streets of our towns and cities. Rough sleeping is the most extreme and dangerous form of homelessness and the increasing numbers experiencing it is easy to see. Shocking as this is, it is just the visible tip of the now …
Invest to save: essential for solving the temporary accommodation crisis, Labour Housing Group says
Why Labour Housing Group’s invest to save  approach is needed to resolve the temporary accommodation crisis A safe, stable, and decent home is a foundational building block for life. Home is our space away from the rest of the world where we can relax and feel secure.  However, in England, 140,000 children head into 2024 living not in …
Furniture Poverty and the role of furnished tenancies in social housing
Furniture poverty is too often hidden behind front doors. There are at least 6 million people in the UK living without essential furniture items and this could be a cooker, a fridge, or a child’s bed. As the Cost of Living crisis continues to devastate lives, this figure is rising every day. If people cannot afford food, how …
Planning for 1.5m homes: What are Labour’s Options for Reform?
Key to Labour’s policy offer is a pledge to build 1.5 million homes during the next parliament. Doing so would be transformative, lowering costs, creating tens of thousands of new jobs, and funding the creation of a new generation of affordable and social houses.  Increasing housebuilding is easier said than done. Despite a similar target of 300,000 homes …
Student Housing & the Next Labour Government
As a recent graduate, I remember vividly the housing experiences of my time at university. Most students have horror stories about their flatmates coming home late and causing a ruckus, or messy nights out (and the following 9am lectures), but if you dig a little deeper, you'll find stories of horrendous housing conditions, absent or hostile landlords, and …
More Snakes than Ladders
Occasionally an article comes along that encapsulates what you’re thinking. In the January 11 Economist there was an article entitled ‘The Housing Ladder, 1950-2005’ (https://econ.st/48Svcls note paywall) which came close to summing up my gloom about housing policy over recent decades. Its key theme is that ‘a redundant metaphor (the housing ladder) is blinding policymakers’. The ‘housing ladder’ …
Healthy Homes for Healthy Lives: How Specialist Housing Can Address the Ageing Population Challenge
The UK is getting older The UK has a rapidly ageing population – a growing demographic that will only put further pressure on our already desperate housing crisis. It is projected that, by 2039, the number of people aged 75 and over will double from 5 million to nearly 10 million. Over recent years, the Government has focused …
Rent to buy: the home ownership model with untapped potential?
The Levelling Up, Housing and Communities select committee is mid-way through an inquiry into shared ownership, which includes looking at the barriers to achieving full home ownership under the model and whether it is genuinely an affordable route to owning a home. Delve deeper into the terms of reference and it asks an interesting question: “are alternative schemes …


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