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Our failure to plan for rural housing development
Rural housing is one of the most pressing, and contentious, issues facing this country. If Labour is to stage a rural revival then we must confront this issue head on. In my home constituency of North East Somerset, and across rural England, there is a great distrust around the idea of house building. It is common for people …
Community power: empowering councils and building more housing
Councils are often unfairly criticised. They have many difficult responsibilities, and they are hamstrung by Treasury rules on financing. The Treasury often sees tax revenues as its own money, when nearly every penny was generated, in one way or another, from activities by citizens within the area of a particular local authority. That local authority must maintain the …
Declaring a housing emergency
A model motion for CLPs and unions The housing composite motion which was passed at Labour's recent conference did not just focus on Labour policy for a future Manifesto. It called on the Party to “demand that the Government takes action now to end the housing crisis” by a series of measures listed (see How Labour must hold the Government's …
Not just in November
Remembrance Day gives us pause to reflect on the contributions made by those who have served or currently serve in our armed forces. It is more than anything, an opportunity to remember those who sacrificed everything for our freedom. It is important we also think about how we, as a country, want to support our veterans not just …
How scrolling through ‘Nextdoor’ made me a YIMBY
A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Nextdoor, an app and social media platform for neighbours to connect and share information based on their location. For those unfamiliar with this, Nextdoor is probably best described as Facebook residents’ groups gone wild. Not my favourite place to be on the internet, but I’ve only recently moved into my …
 SLL: Proposals for Housing Law Reform
The Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) has produced a think-piece Proposals for housing law reform, containing ideas from the SLL’s housing law sub-group. Our focus is on detailed proposals for legal reform. We hope that it complements Labour Housing Group’s publication The Missing Solution: Council Housebuilding for 21st century. SLL’ s Proposals can be read here: https://societyoflabourlawyers.org.uk/2021/09/21/out-now-proposal-for-housing-law-reform/ . …


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