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How Proportional Representation can help the housing crisis
As the spectre of a general election rears its ugly head, talk of Proportional Representation (PR) only increases. Many believe now that First Past the Post must go, whether due to its effects on smaller parties, its Conservative bias, or the existence of unaccountable safe seats. However, PR isn’t just about counting votes. Research over the years has …
What’s wrong with the Conservative housing proposals for Two Cities?
Cities of London and Westminster residents experience the housing crisis at its most acute and extreme. Families are forced to move away from their communities because there just are not enough genuinely affordable homes.  From Middlesex and Mansell Street and Golden Lane to Tachbrook and Churchill Gardens, from Hyde Park to Pimlico, families are living in overcrowded conditions, …
Buy a House on Benefits? Why not!
Right to Buy (RTB) – argued to be the most successful transfers of wealth since its introduction in April 1980. Yet despite successfully giving aspirational working-class families the ability to participate in the property-owning democracy it once again is under scrutiny. Incredibly over 1.9 million homes have been sold through RTB since its inception, a take-up that demonstrates …
Housing in the Australian election
Housing loomed large in the campaign debate running up to the recent Australian federal election. In fact, rival plans for first-time buyer assistance were central to the rival pitches of the two main parties in the final week of the contest. The overarching context for this is the concern provoked by declining owner-occupancy rates in a country that …
Why is moderately priced housing hard to build?
Before recent local elections here in the UK, Dr Jenny Schuetz participated in an online Fabian Society member policy webinar: “Is flexible zoning the solution to the housing crisis?” hosted by Councillor Shama Tatler. Dr Schuetz discussed how in the United States land use practices have made it hard to build moderately priced housing. Schuetz argues we have …
What does the Queen’s Speech mean for housing?
Despite presenting a large volume of legislation, overall the policy proposals in the Queen’s Speech will do very little to address the underlying causes of our country’s housing crisis.  Labour Housing Group has long argued for systemic change in the supply of genuinely affordable housing (the planning system and housing finance), reform of the benefits system, and regulation …


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Thanks to @jessphillips, MP, Kadie Bennett, Domestic Abuse Lawyer & Amanda Pinnock, facilitator, for a critical debate on domestic abuse. Very good points raised by @Alison_Inman and other expert participants https://t.co/D0lPEFCmjl LabourHousing photo