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Intolerable Initial Accommodation
The UK has a proud historic record of providing a safe haven for people fleeing war, conflict and persecution, including Ugandan Asians in 1972, Vietnamese boat people in the late 1970s, people fleeing the Holocaust in Germany and central Europe in the 1940s. There are many ways in which Tory led governments since 2010 have betrayed that tradition, …
Ballot Busting Regeneration
On a hot Sunday afternoon in June, housing association tenants covered their flats in banners and protested outside their building. The residents live in Jura House, on the Aberfeldy estate in Tower Hamlets, which is halfway through a 20-year regeneration led by Poplar HARCA in partnership with EcoWorld London. Much is written about the controversies of estate regeneration …
It is time to end the national scandal of veterans without homes
In the UK today, there are around 320,000 people without a home. Homelessness comes in many different forms; some people are sleeping rough on the streets while others may be staying on friends’ sofas or staying in a hostel long-term. Of those without a home, 6000 are men and women who served this country as a member of …
Lessons from Kosovo: Structured Development Payments
Councillor Dave Ward returns from Kosovo with lessons in development finance. He argues that allowing the land and development supply chain to share in the upside of apartment sales can lower the barriers to entry for smaller housebuilders. I have just returned from Pristina, Kosovo where I got my new apartment ready for a summer rental to a …
Schrödinger’s Shared Ownership Flat and the Cladding Scandal
Since 72 people lost their lives in the Grenfell tragedy on 14 June 2017, the cladding and building safety crisis has spiralled.  Estimates vary as to how many households are affected. The End Our Cladding Scandal (EOCS) campaign believes that up to 11 million people are now caught up in the scandal. Luxury flats and social housing alike …
Languishing miles away in temporary accommodation
LONDONERS ARE LANGUISHING IN TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION HUNDREDS OF MILES AWAY – WE NEED A RETHINK.   Over the last several months London’s Labour Housing Group has been on a fact-finding mission to discover why out-of-area temporary accommodation is out of control. The findings of our latest research spells out the scale of the challenge we now face and you …


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Labour Housing Group
Labour Housing Group
Impact of the housing crisis on women & domestic abuse

Fringe meeting at National Labour Women's Conference

📅 Tuesday June 22nd 11.15 - 12.15

🗣 Speakers: Nicki Spear, Denise Fowler, Safia Jama

Labour Housing Group
Impact of the housing crisis on women & domestic abuse, Fringe meeting at National Labour Women's ConferenceTuesJune 22nd 11.15 - 12.15 Speakers: Nicki Spear...
Labour Housing Group
Labour Housing Group
Impact of the housing crisis on women and domestic abuse

National Labour Women's Conference: Labour Housing Group fringe meeting: Tuesday June 22nd 11.15 - 12.15

Nicki Spear, Westward Housing
Denise Fowler, Women’s Pioneer Housing
Safia Jama, Chief Executive of Women's Inclusive Team
Chair: Cllr Rachel Blake

Zoom links:
Meeting ID: 838 1659 7600
Passcode: 098234

Please pass this on to your delegate.
Labour Housing Group
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Labour Housing Group
Labour Housing Group

Is this to be the cross-party decade of housing-with-care?

Growing calls for 2020s to be the “decade of housing-with-care” as new task force awaits that is garnering cross-party support.

👥 Find out more in Sam Dalton's latest Red Brick blog.

Labour Housing Group
Labour Housing Group

As the cabinet member for housing at the UK’s largest local authority, one thing I quickly learned was that it’s not simply enough to assume that a roof over someone’s head solves all their problems.

Tackling homelessness is of course very high on the agenda, but the quality of accommodation and the support on offer is also key

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Labour Housing Group
Labour Housing Group
LHG would like to thank Thangam Debbonaire MP for all the work she has done as Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, and wish her well in her new post as Shadow Leader of the Commons.

Thangam brought new energy to the post as well as knowledge and experience, particularly in the field of domestic abuse and housing. She also built bridges between the Front Bench and the various housing campaign groups in and working alongside the Labour Party, making use of their expertise and supporting their campaigning, a great example of mutual benefit.

We're looking forward to meeting and working with Lucy Powell, who I'm sure will pick up the baton with relish.

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Ballot Busting Regeneration 🗳💥

🗣 @unmeshdesai

Here we find a success story on estate balloting use on a #regeneration scheme in East London.

#UKhousing #Regeneration

https://t.co/MLus6kWq95 https://t.co/yF75KZN2mt
LabourHousing photo

This was an excellent event. Thanks to our panel and participants. Big takeaway is that the best protection that tenants and leaseholders have against unsafe housing and uncaring developers/ landlords is collective action. Hopefully the event will be available on our website soon https://t.co/3gLFAkJ4Qa

Thanks to @HitchHarpLabour for the invitation to your GC to talk about the housing crisis. Good question about how to get housing higher up the agenda. Join LHG and invite a speaker to your meeting. Contact info @labourhousing.org.uk