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Multi-coloured walls?
Politicians may be missing the point when they reference red or blue election walls. Should they instead be focusing on multi-coloured walls, and the real walls of real houses?  The Community Planning Alliance map[1], was launched in March 2021, already includes 525 active planning campaign groups. It is a clear indicator that all is not well at grassroots …
Preventing veteran homelessness: how your local authority’s Armed Forces Champion can help
We’ve learnt, over the last 20 or so years, how to help prepare people leaving care, hospital or prison so as to avert the chance of homelessness. Not that it always works: since 2010, we’ve gone backwards in regards to well-planned prison releases because of the privatisation of probation and some prisons, and cuts in advice and support …
Council housing is the missing solution to the housing crisis
LHG’s new report on council homebuilding – called ‘The Missing Solution’ – is launched at Labour Party Conference today. As a country we have not built anything like enough new homes since Thatcher virtually ended council housebuilding in the early 1980s. The other sectors – private sector and housing associations – have been left to shoulder the burden …
Gove-rnment: Be Afraid, Very Afraid
Goodbye "Chubby Robbie" Jenrick, hello Michael Gove, destroyer of planets and local education authorities. Housing has rarely been fashionable in SW1 and has rarely rated a Cabinet Minister. Few national journalists ever master the subject beyond "how's the price of my house doing?" So why would Gove, the great iconoclast, want this job now? Clearly,  because a General …
Wealth Inequality Starts at Home
Housing wealth inequality is a key driver in the reduction of social mobility. Every child deserves a chance of economic success, no matter what their background. In England inheritance has become an ever-growing share of national income since the 1970s. It is these inheritances that are to blame for increasing wealth inequality between those with richer and poorer …
For someone involved in housing for 50 years, it is impossible not to feel embarrassed and ashamed by the appalling conditions lived in by some social tenants as exposed by Daniel Hewitt’s ITV documentary, Surviving Squalor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIu8bftQfGQ The ‘regulator’ (sic) should be throwing the book and the ‘Ombudsman’ (equally sic) should be down on them like a ton …


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